Offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of the City, but conveniently located right at its heart, is the green oasis offered by University Parks – with something to please everyone.

This beautiful space, originally owned by Merton College, was purchased by the University in the 1850s and first laid out as a Park for sports and recreational purposes in 1864.

Aiming to be available for the enjoyment of members of the University, local residents, and visitors to Oxford the park is open to the public almost every day of the year until dusk (the only exception being Christmas Eve) and boasts a choice of walks, a large collection of trees and plants and space for informal games and picnics.

For those that enjoy sport there’s the opportunity, depending on the season, to catch a game of cricket, lacrosse, tennis, football or rugby. Harry Potter fans may even encounter a game of Quidditch in play.  

The River Cherwell borders the north east side of the park with a small plot of land (Mesopotamia) sitting between the upper and lower levels of the river. Norham Gardens is to the north, Parks Road to the west and with the Science Area on South Parks Road to the south, here really is somewhere to dream between the spires.