Latin Name Location Flowering season Description

Ajuga reptans 'Jungle Beauty'

Jungle beauty carpet bugle



Evergreen groundcover that reaches up to 1.8m in height and 0.9m spread. Its large leaves are purple tinged with red margins and it produces 25cm tall spikes of blue-violet flowers.

Asplenium scolopendrium

Hart's tongue fern



An evergreen fern with large, arching, compound leaves or fronds. Plants are often smaller and yellowish when grown in full sun, whilst dark green in shaded locations.

Campanula persicifolia

Peach-leaved bellflower


June to September

A clump-forming herbaceous perennial that grows to a height of 30-100cm. Flowers have five violet-blue or white fused petals. It is native to the mountain ranges of Europe.

Colchicum 'Waterlily'

Meadow saffron ‘waterlilly’

Chromosome variants

September to October

A small perennial of approximately 12cm in height. Its double, goblet-shaped lilac-pink flowers are about 8cm in length.

Convallaria majalis

Lily of the valley


Late spring

A spreading, perennial, which grows to 25cm in height. It forms extensive colonies with erect racemes of white bell-shaped flowers and dark green leaves.

Gladiolus communis ssp. Byzantinus

Byzantine gladiolus, Sword lily


Late spring

A perennial which grows to 90cm in height, with tall, erect sword-shaped leaves. Erect spikes bear dark red-purple, funnel-shaped flowers.

Helianthemum nummularium 'Walter Burrows'

Rock-rose ‘Walter Burrows’

Chromosome variants

Spring to early summer

A bushy or spreading evergreen shrub with small leaves and saucer-shaped flowers borne in short racemes. The wild species has yellow flowers, whereas garden varieties are available in white, yellow or deep red.

Iris pseudacorus 'Allengold'

Yellow iris

Coloured foliage

Mid to late summer

A vigorous herbaceous flowering perennial that grows to 1–1.5m tall. Its erect leaves are up to 90cm long. The bright yellow, iris-like flowers are 7–10cm across. The fruit is a dry capsule containing light brown seeds.

Kniphofia caulescens

Caulescent red-hot poker



An evergreen perennial composed of several stems with narrow, silvery-blue-green leaves. The leaves can be up to 70cm long and have fine-toothed edges. The multi-coloured flowers are densely clustered at the top of spikes and are initially red before turning yellow.

Kniphofia longiflora

Common marsh poker


Mid-summer to autumn

A perennial which grows up to 1.5m in height. The yellow or dull green sword-shaped leaves can be up to 1.6m long. Tall stalks bear greenish-yellow to yellow flowers.

Paeonia mascula

Wild peaony

Chomosome variants

May to June

An herbaceous perennial plant which grows to 0.5–1.5m tall. Its leaves are divided into three segments and it produces large pink-red flowers with yellow stamen.

Physalis alkekengi

Bladder cherry, Chinese lantern



An herbaceous perennial which grows to 40–60cm tall. It has spirally arranged leaves and white flowers with a five-lobed corolla. Its distinguishing feature is the large, bright orange-red papery covering over its fruit.


Physalis peruviana

Cape gooseberry


July to October

A small herbaceous plant that produces pale yellow flowers. Its smooth yellow berries resemble a small yellow tomato. Each berry is encased in a papery calyx.


Pulmonaria saccharata

Bethlehem sage



A perennial that is evergreen in mild climates. Light pink buds open to clusters of bright blue bell-shaped flowers. The green leaves are spotted silver.

Sedum acre

Biting stonecrop



A tufted perennial mat-like herb that stands 5-12cm tall. The stems are short and densely clad with leaves. The alternate, fleshy leaves are sometimes tinged red. It produces bright yellow star-shaped flowers.