Pond and Waterways


A circular lily pond was constructed in 1925. Its enlargement and landscaping to a design by the Parks Superintendent, Walter Sawyer in 1996 has made it less formal than the original pond, which was typical of a pond of the 1920s. The new design reflects the style intended by James Bateman’s original plan for the Parks, which was submitted in 1863.

Bateman made a decisive impact on Victorian gardens and his plan for the Parks was popular.  However, it was rejected following various concerns and after objections to the development cost (estimated at £9,475) were raised.  

Cox’s Corner

Rather unglamorously, this is on the former site of the Parks’ rubbish dump which accounts for the change in ground levels.

It is named after Charlie Cox, a former keeper of Parson’s Pleasure bathing, which was originally a secluded area on the opposite bank designated for male-only nude bathing. Parson’s Pleasure was closed in 1991 and the area was cleared and landscaped to become part of the Parks.

A group of swamp cypress (Taxodium distichum), a deciduous conifer, growing nearby are part of the earliest plantings made in the Parks.