Apple and Pear Evolution

Grafted specimens in the garden show the development of domestic varieties.

Latin Name Location Flowering season Description

Malus sieboldii

European crab-apple



A small, deciduous, semi-weeping tree. Its pink flowers fade to white, whilst its bright green leaves turn bright orange or red in autumn. Flowers are followed by clusters of small yellow or pale red hanging fruit.

Malus toringoides

Cut-leaf crab-apple



A small tree with a broad pyramidal crown. The dark green leaves are lobed and have finely serrated edges. The white flowers appear in bunches of 4-7. The pear-shaped fruits are yellowish-red and remain on the tree until December.

Pyrus 'Improved Fertility'




A deciduous pear tree with a broad conical habit. It has glossy green leaves and produces white flowers followed by large yellow fruit with a brown flush.